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      Are you tired of dental appointments where it appears that some individual, or even the entire staff, is trying to sell you something you that you don't need because they have daily or weekly financial goals to meet?  Do these sales pitches extend to offers to arrange financing when the cost of the proposed work exceeds the maximum limits of your dental insurance even when the work could be spread out over time?  Aren't you curious as to why you suddenly get an expensive estimate for extensive dental work that you never needed before? Do you ever wonderwho’s paying for all that fancy, high tech dental equipment? Do you have to listen to sales type phone messages when you’re put on hold? Does a real person call you to remind you of your appointment or does a computer do it?

     We are a dental practice where the first priority is you. We don’t try to sell anything or talk people into anything. We try to determine your real problems and explain all the available options, including the option of doing nothing, in a non-judgmental way so that you can decide for yourself what you want to do.  We only fix things that are broken now, not things that might break sometime in the future. And if we call you there’s a real person at our end of the line.
      If you have never before looked forward to or enjoyed a laugh at a dental appointment, or experienced a low key,  conservative approach to dental care, we invite you to visit our office and find out for yourself.